Why Are Abandoned Places Guarded?

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Ever see security guards or police at abandoned places and wonder what they’re doing there? Why would someone invest time and money into guarding something that is clearly abandoned and forgotten? Why are abandoned places even guarded?

In short, property owners want to do two things. Prevent themselves from being liable if anyone gets hurt on their property, and stop vandals from destroying what’s left of the land. Sometimes investors are in the process of rehabbing a property and need to keep it guarded from vandals and thieves.

Last Updated on September 13, 2019 by Urbex Underground

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Vandals In Abandoned Places

Toronto graffiti alley

It’s no surprise that people destroy things in abandoned places. I mean, it’s already destroyed right? Even though I don’t agree, some people think that way. They go through and smash furniture, kick out windows, and just be as reckless as they can.

Part of me hates them, but part of me remembers when I was a dumb ass 13 year old.

Other people use the abandoned places as a canvas.

They paint their tags and murals on the walls with no boundaries. In some places like old parking garages this can be beautiful. When done to historic buildings or antique rail cars it honestly disgusts me.

Either way you look at it, whoever owns whatever you’re breaking or tagging isn’t going to be happy about it.

Property owners deploy security because they don’t want anything else damaged or ruined. They may be waiting on money to fix and resell the property, and people breaking things is only costing investors more money. So in their eyes hiring someone to watch the property is worth it.

Business owners and regular people alike also sometimes use old homes or warehouses as extra storage. If they see their property is getting broken into, they’re going to take measures to protect it. 

Getting Hurt While Trespassing

abandoned power station

One of the biggest reasons abandoned places are guarded is due to possibly injury. Property owners do not want to have someone get hurt or die on their property, and then turn around and sue.

Even though in most cases property owners are not liable for trespassers injuries, there are a few exceptions.

If the owner knows that trespassing is taking place on multiple occasions, the owner may be required to post signs warning of the dangers on the property even if people are trespassing.

The same rule applies to a dog attack. If trespassers enter a property and get bitten by a dog, the owner may be at fault.

AllLaw did a great write up on this topic if you want to learn more.

When it comes to abandoned city owned property the same principles apply, but on a large scale.

Not only does the city not want people getting hurt on their property, but they don’t want the negative attention it could bring city council. A child gets hurt in an abandoned school, then it’s all over the news.

The cities blight is highlighted on the nightly news.

The mother sues the city.

And the extra attention draws even more explorers, scrappers, arsonists, and all round bad mojo.

That’s why you see such a strong police presence at certain well known abandoned places.

So if you see security guarding an abandoned place, just keep in mind that someone actually cares enough to hire a guard for one reason or another.

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