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Urban Exploration Gear

Urban Exploration Gear

100+ Hours. Since 2012.

Having the right gear can make, or break you.

Have you ever had a flashlight fail when you’re 3 miles underground? Or a backpack tear open when you’re on top of a mountain in Death Valley? I have, and it’s not fun.

I’ve dedicated this section to the best urban exploration clothing, backpacks, and overall gear. These are all items I’ve personally tested and used myself. I’ll review price, durability, features, and how it will directly help you on your travels.

Urban exploration gear not only has to be reliable, it also has to be inconspicuous, and allow for mobility.

All this has been taken into account. Choose from any of the categories below to see a breakdown of what I think are the best exploration gear for each category.

If you want to see what’s in my bag click here.

Best Backpacks

Best Safety Gear

Best Cameras

Best Tripods

Best Shoes

Best Tools