Here at Urbex Underground, we believe in exploring all the things.

And I mean all the things.

We strive to provide the best resources for the Urban Exploration community so that beginners have a solid, safe, and knowledgeable foundation to start from.

Our goal is to educate and entertain while still preserving what we believe are the core principles of exploration. If it involves adventure, we want in on it.

Urban exploration isn’t just limited to abandoned places.

Sewers, rooftops, maintenance tunnels, backrooms, castle ruins, old cemeteries, cranes. Whatever.

Exploring is a chance to go where few ever think to look. To rediscover places frozen in time and lost from history. It’s a chance to push the societal boundaries, simply because we can. It’s about escaping the mundane, slipping past the velvet rope, and choosing to take our own tour.

Staff Only. Do Not Enter. Caution: Contents Hot! These are mere reminders that you are in charge of your own safety, wellbeing, and path you decide to take.

There’s no thrill in exiting through the gift shop. There’s nothing gained from waiting in line.

I want a museum I can climb through. I want history I can pick up and touch. I want to earn an experience.

There’s a lot of danger in adventure, but there’s also a lot of freedom. From the bowels of your city’s sewer systems to the 19th-floor penthouse roof, there are wonders hidden right in plain sight.

True explorers leave nothing that would be noticed, taking nothing that would be missed. Many of us are more passionate about our discoveries than those in charge of their care.

We are biologically hard-wired to play. To discover and peer behind the curtain. To seek out new experiences.

We are designed to explore.

I’m new, how do I get into urban exploring?

Start with this guide. If you still have questions post a comment and someone will help you out.

How do I find abandoned places?

I’ve written an entire guide on how you can find abandoned places. It will answer all of your questions.

Can I submit my own photos/stories/locations?

Yes, you can submit your photos and stories here.

What gear do you suggest for Urban Exploring?

I’ve put together an entire section dedicated to urbex gear that I’ve tested and personally recommend.

Do you cover more than just abandoned places?

If it’s off the beaten path or just some oddity you can explore for yourself, we’ll cover it. You may see listings for historical architecture, paupers fields, stealth camping resources, folklore, and alleged haunted locations.

Aren’t you worried about posting locations online?

Every article listing a location has been thoroughly reviewed. If it’s posted here, it’s in our opinion that there is nothing too historic, sensitive, or vulnerable located there.

Oftentimes these locations can be found easily elsewhere already online. The goal is to help new explorers get their feet wet with a few basic locations in their area. If an article does not have a location associated with it, that is by design. You may disagree with this, that is your prerogative.

How can I contact you?

You can contact me, and the site administrator on our contact page.