If you’ve ever used a crappy tripod, you’ll know just how frustrating it really is.

It won’t say locked in place. It keeps falling over. Its never straight.

I’ve felt that pain. I want to share with you what I think is the best tripod for urban exploration, that I currently use and have tested.

I was constantly buying $30 tripods and they were breaking in like 3 months. I thought, I invest so much in my camera maybe it’s time to put a little into a great tripod.

I’ll be rating what I think are the best tripods for urban exploration based on durability, size, and price. Lets dive in.

JOBY GorillaPod 3K

GorillaPods are like the Swiss army knife of tripods, and having mine changed the game for me. I can easily pull out the GorillaPod and get the shots I need without fighting with my tripod and it’s accessories.

The GorillaPod is easily adjustable and can pretty much attach anywhere. I’ve wrapped it around support beams in warehouses, on the side of old bars, and even to parts of a ceiling to get some super creative angles.

The 3K version can hold up to 3kg, or for us Americans 6.6 pounds. So for I’m guessing 99% of you, the 3K version will be fine for supporting your camera’s weight.

I honestly don’t know what the hell these tripods are made of, but it can take a beating. Thinking back on it, I really think that my GorillaPod may be my most durable piece of equipment I carry with me.

The GorrilaPod 3K is lightweight, unlike a lot of the other more cumbersome tripods I’ve had over the years. It can easily fit in or on your backpack.

Here’s a few reasons I think the GorrilaPod 3K is one of the best tripod for urban exploration.

  • 2.56 x 2.36 x 12.01. Compact and great for travel.
  • 0.86lbs. Lightweight and can support up to 6.6lbs.
  • Extremely durable. Made with medical grade ABS plastic.
  • Footing can handle rough terrain with no problem.
  • Flexible. Wrap this is virtually anything you want.

If you’re looking to step your tripod game up, you can grab the GorillaPod 3K on Amazon.

Oben CT-3535


If you’re looking for a more traditional urban exploration tripod, look no further than the Oben CT-3535. This tripod gives you more control over the height you shoot at while still be extremely durable and lightweight.

I upgraded to this tripod not too long ago, and this is easily one of of the best tripods I’ve ever owned. My last tripod didn’t fit well into my bag. It was about 36 inches in length, 5 pounds, and slowed me down a lot while traveling.

I’ve used the Oben for a few months now and couldn’t be happier. Downsizing your gear can make such a difference in how and where you can travel.

I have yet to find a more durable and lightweight tripod in this price range.

The Oben CT-3535 comes in two flavors, carbon fiber and aluminum. The aluminum version weighs more and is less durable clocking in at 4.14 pounds.

The carbon fiber version is made from one of the toughest materials you can get and weighs in at 2.5 pounds. At this time there is about a $50 price difference between the two.

I spent the extra money to go for the carbon fiber option and I have to say, I think this may be the last tripod I ever need to buy.

Below are some of the features I think that make the Oben CT-3535 one of the best urban exploration tripods.

  • 12 inches folded. Can expand to 51.6 inches in height.
  • Only 2.5lbs. (Carbon fiber version)
  • Durable solid design. Was built to travel.
  • Converts into monopod.
  • Dual action ball head and quick release plate.

If you want to try the Oben CT-3535 for yourself, check it out on Amazon.

If you’re looking for more urban exploration gear, be sure to check out our gear page!