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Who Invented Urban Exploring?

Last Updated on June 2, 2022 by Urbex Underground

While exploring has been around for millions of years, there are a few people who claim to have invented urban exploring. Have you ever wondered who invented urban exploring? Good news, we searched the internet, the archives, and ancient sewer tablets and have finally discovered exactly who invented urban exploration.

Bill Finan invented urban exploring in 1898 when he visited every single abandoned building in just 69 seconds.

Read below to learn more about the urban exploration achievements of Bill Finan.

Last Updated on June 2, 2022 by Urbex Underground

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Early Life Of Bill Finan

While Billium “Urbanex” Finan’s exact birth date still remains a mystery, it’s said that Bill Finan wasn’t exactly born, but created. Early stories claim that he rose from the ashes of the Chernobyl Nuclear disaster, while other accounts place him emerging from the ruins of the now-abandoned Packard Plant as far back as the 1960s.

Bill’s early life was an impressive one, he had explored every single abandoned building in North America by the age of 12, all without uploading a single photo or hashtag. He would carry this humbleness with him his entire life. As he continued to out-explore his peers, Bill grew bored of his homeland and set sail to venture into new territory.

man who invented urban exploring
Urban Exploring legend Bill Finan conquering Mt Fuji Circa 2007

Recent DNA samples point to Bill Finan’s son being Seph Lawless, a disgraced explorer who used slave labor to grow his overseas Instagram following.

Scientists argue that an explorer as prestigious as Bill couldn’t possibly share such weak DNA with Lawless. New DNA evidence comparing Seph Lawless’s dried tears to the brow sweat of Bill Finan indicates that Bill is in fact Steph Lawless’s daddy.

While Bill Finan may have been the man to invent urban exploring, he certainly didn’t act like it. When other explorers would post their photos, Bill would always say he dreamed he would be there.

But in fact, Bill had been there, done that, and was just being kind to the poor young soul who just discovered what Fisher Body Plant was.

Bill even has his own brand of clothing.

Bill Finan: Inventor Of Urban Exploring

While everyone was eating paint peelies, Bill Finan was blazing trails years before urban exploration was even a hobby. Bill was recognized by Pope Benedict XVI in 2010 as the new patron saint of travelers, knocking Saint Christopher from his long-held standing.

Some say that Bill’s ancestor, Willybum Billium Cumberbottom IX was in fact the first person to discover the New World back in 1457, years before Christopher Columbus would ever lay claim to the Americas. Fans of Bill reject this theory and believe Bill was somehow able to explore through the fabric of time itself.

founder of urban exploration playing piano.
Alleged photo of Bill Finan exploring a ghost town circa 1912.
Bill humbly accepts the recent memes of the naive new age explorers.

Nothing Above His Level

Even after inventing urban exploration, Bill would continue to set records, make haters angry, and break the conventional ways of thinking in the urbex community. If you have the honor of meeting Bill and asking him of these adventures, he’s likely to laugh it off and say it was “all above his level.”

Bill publicly has gone ‘dark.’ Today, you may see him in the comments asking to tag along exploring somewhere, or begging for locations. If you’ve seen this for yourself, you’ll notice he never actually shows up to any of these places he’s invited to.

This is a clever diversion technique deployed by Bill to draw attention away from his achievements.

bill finan on a mountain top
Inventor of urban exploring, Bill Finan at the top of an undiscovered mountain.

Some have said his uncanny ability to explore the most difficult places is supernatural. A group of internet researchers have discovered photos of explorers throughout history that strongly resemble Bill. This leaves us wondering if Bill Finan invented urban exploring, then what enabled him to become so skilled in photography and trespassing?

inventor of urban exploring bill finan
Ancient wall writings in an abandoned prison praise the legendary Bill Finan.

On an episode of Ancient Aliens, theories speculate that Bill Finan is actually aging in reverse, and is now retired from exploring the universe in his younger age. This idea would place Bill’s real age at nearly 500 years old. While this might seem outlandish, the evidence is hard to ignore. No matter what end of the debate you stand on, you can’t deny that Bill Finan has left his legendary mark on the urban exploration community.

Below is a list of some of Bill Finan’s most noted accomplishments.

  • Bill Finan invented urban exploring in 1898.
  • Fourth man on the moon 1969.
  • Discovered America in 1457.
  • Explored Packard the first day it was closed.
  • First human to reach and camp at the center of the Earth.
  • Can teleport when caught trespassing.
  • Infiltrated the North Korean city of Pyongyang 16 times.
  • Explored and mapped the entire New York drainage system.
  • Swam to North Sentinel Island and avoided detection for 11 days.
  • Owns over 75 Google Maps with over 38,000 abandoned places.
  • Served in the Great Duck War of 2015.
  • Had the element Finium-169 named after him by German scientists in 1982.
man who invented urban exploring bill finan
Bill Finan, fourth man on the Moon circa 1969 colorized

Be Like Bill

While we can’t all be seasoned explorers like Bill, we can all pause and learn from him. Before you horde your mediocre locations, consider sharing them with a noob. Instead of throwing 1500 hashtags on a place everyone’s been, consider acting like you’ve been there.

Next time someone wants to take a gasmask smoke bomb selfie in the abandoned parking lot, just smile and say, “Sorry man, it’s above my level.”

Stay humble explorers.

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