The Anarchist’s Guide To Exploration was specifically written for urban explorers looking to improve their photography and gain access to more abandoned and off-limits areas during their travels.

Inside this e-book is packed with over ten years of experience condensed into 5,304 words to help you discover more and shoot better.

What’s Inside…

Advanced Search Methods

We dive deep into the advanced methods of finding locations. Discover exactly how to track down locations you see online, and uncover places right in your hometown.

Avoiding Detection

Uncover different strategies for avoiding detection and planning your perfect entry and exit. Inside you’ll learn how to avoid trespassing charges and how to get permission easily.

Urbex Photography Techniques

Understand the different concepts and editing techniques used to capture the full beauty of abandoned places.

Bonus Lightroom Presets

Quickly bring your images to life with a range of bonus presets specifically created for urbex photography.

WARNING: Please do not buy this e-book if…

If you like long-winded fluff, setting things on fire, or trespassing tickets, this isn’t for you. This book is for people looking to quickly dive nose-first into the world of urban exploration the right way.

Includes 11+ Bonus Lightroom Presets


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