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Why Are Abandoned Places Creepy?

Last Updated on September 15, 2019 by Urbex Underground

What draws us to abandoned places, and why do we find them creepy? Not everyone thinks vacant buildings are scary, I personally find being alone in them to be relaxing and interesting. But I might not represent the majority.

Abandoned buildings are creepy because there is a fear of uncertainty. There is no immediate present threat inside an abandoned place, but your brain is constantly telling you that there could be. There is a fear of the unknown.

Last Updated on September 15, 2019 by Urbex Underground

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Nothing ‘good’ happens in abandoned places. We know this from movies, news stories, and cartoons. It’s something that has been taught to us through entertainment and society since we were young.

When you go to an abandoned place, your mind subconsciously thinks back to all of those warnings and experiences you associate with abandoned places. Your mind, wanting to protect you begins to get creeped out. That’s your brains way of telling you to leave in the name of self preservation.

Fear Of The Unknown In Abandoned Places

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We fear what we don’t know, or fully understand. When it’s dark and we’re uncertain of what could be inside, our minds usually go to the worse places. Noises that could be explained by wind blowing through an open window our imaginations turn into something more sinister.

Is that initial fear justified?

I’d say so.

Abandoned places often contain a lot of dangers, your brain telling you that this a creepy and dangerous places isn’t unjustified.

If you find yourself feeling overwhelming fear or uneasiness try these tricks.

Go With A Friend

Going with someone rather than by yourself can up your confidence level 10 fold. Not only does exploring with other people make you feel less creeped out, but also gives you strength in numbers if anything did go wrong. Generally you shouldn’t be exploring by yourself if you’re new anyway.

Visit More Abandoned Places

How do you conquer a fear? Do more of what you fear. Spend more time in abandoned places if it’s what you want to photograph. The more time you spend in abandoned places the more comfortable you’ll be. You’ll also develop a better sense of the noises and things you’d expect to find.

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Be Prepared

Its hard to be fearful of abandoned places if you come prepared. Consider everything you could encounter in an abandoned place that could be a threat, then take measures to protect against it.

Outside of people, consider the dangers to yourself and others. Bring portable first aid with you, and have ways to stop bleeding quickly.

If you’re worried about getting lost, invest it some cheap two way radios. If meth addicts and killer clowns are the source of your fears then consider investing in some proper self defense for exploring.


While there are a lot of dangers in abandoned places, the more you understand about the area and more prepared you are, the less creepy it all seems. So don’t ask yourself why are abandoned places creepy, ask yourself what can I do to conquer my fear.

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