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1. Chippewa Lake Amusement Park

41.0642988, -81.9027461

Chippewa lake ferris wheel

Today, not much of Chippewa Lake Amusement Park remains besides an old Ferris wheel and some twisted metal ruins. First opened in the late 1800s, Chippewa Lake was a gathering places mostly for swimming and drunken summer fun. Over time the park ownership would change hands, and each new owner expanded on the land.

After falling on hard times Chippewa Lake went bankrupt and was left abandoned. Soon it had fallen victim to vandal and eventually arson. Now the park is extremely overgrown and is almost unrecognizable to it’s former self. The park is located on private land.

2. Cheshire, OH

38.944806, -82.111250


On the border of the Ohio River, a nearly abandoned town sits in the shadow of the states largest coal burning power plant. It is this very plant that is responsible for so many of the health issues in the area, as well as the declining population.

Rather than face a lengthy court battle, the power company set out to buy up the entire town of Cheshire. Without much resistance, most of the residents took their payout and left. Only a handful of residents remain to this day, refusing to leave the land they love.

3. Helltown

41.277765, -81.5499064

helltown ohio

You can’t claim to be from Ohio without having heard of the legend of Helltown. The urban legends that surround the Boston area have changed over the years, but one detail has always remained the same. There was something evil in the wood down the dead end path.

Today, nearly all abandoned buildings have been removed due to the folklore. It’s still a very cool part of Ohio’s history. The road that leads through the wood is still abandoned to this day.

4. Roseville Prison

39.81385, -82.06842

Roseville prison was built to help house the growing inmate population during the early 1900s. Inmates housed in the Ohio Penitentiary over in Columbus who behaved were often moved over to Roseville due to good behavior.

What’s unique about this place is that the prisoners actually built their own prison using bricks from the local brickwork plant nearby. Today the prison sits in ruins right off of highway 93. Roseville Prison is located on private property, and the owners do not want visitors.

5. Mike Tyson’s Mansion

41.3206406, -80.95889


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