Inside Mike Tyson’s Tacky Abandoned Ohio Mansion

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In the heart of Ohio surrounded by fields of corn and parkland sits an abandoned mansion owned by one of the fiercest boxers ever known. The legend Mike Tyson himself owned this 13,500sqft mansion that has sat abandoned for over 25 years.

I got a chance to see the mansion one last time after it was finally bought. Let’s take a look inside Mike Tyson’s abandoned mansion..

Last Updated on January 2, 2020 by Urbex Underground

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What Happened To Mike Tyson’s Mansion?

Mike Tyson purchased this Ohio mansion back in the 1980s so he could have a home close to his promoter, Don King. It was one of many homes he owned across the country, but it was this lavish lifestyle that would end up being his downfall.

Not knowing much about money management, Tyson spent his $400 million dollar fortune on homes, luxury cars, vacations, and even a $2 million dollar bathtub.

mike tysons abandoned bathtub
mike tysons abandoned mansion hottub
mike tysons abandoned mansion bathroom

But the money and fame wasn’t enough. Tyson was convicted of sexual assault and sent to prison for six years in 1992, leaving his mansions and opulent lifestyle behind.

After being banned from professional boxing and being fined $3 million dollars for biting Evander Holyfield’s ear off, the financial tolls were too much for even this heavyweight to bear.  

He was forced to sell many of his homes, including his Ohio mansion, and by 2003 filed for bankruptcy. You’d think his mansion would have been sold quickly given Mike Tyson’s fame, but you’d be wrong.

See, Mike Tyson’s mansion was so expensive and tasteless, nobody wanted it. Stripper poles were mounted throughout the bedroom and living room. Carpeted walls and zebra print designs covered many of the rooms.

Outside he had three tigers in cages that were rumored to have cost $70,000 each, and inside his swimming pool was larger than most people’s homes.

Exploring The Abandoned Manson

Exploring Mike Tyson’s former mansion was unlike anything I had seen before. The sheer vastness and odd choice of textures made this place seem like something out of a novel.

The first feature that really hits you in the face, is this massive hole in the living area where a big screen TV was once perched. Remember this was probably installed in the 80s so being nearly 10 feet across, it must have weighed a ton.

Mike Tyson's livingroom in abandoned Ohio mansion.
Abandoned Ohio mansion entry way.

Through the massive living space was another set of doors that was the pool room. This room is nearly 10,000sqft in itself. The water had all but dried up, and the puddles that were left were a dark murky green color.

The kitchen looked like it had never been used in all of it’s years. An old TV fit right into a slot near the brick oven. The technology and features throughout the home would have been cutting edge, if this was 1982.

Passing up the stairs through more vaulted ceilings was the master bedroom and bath. This bathroom was larger than my first apartment and contained a bidet, sauna, shower, and a Jacuzzi that looked out to the backyard and tiger cages. Extravagant would be an understatement.

Throughout the home weird designs scattered about the walls and floors. A zebra stenciled to the floor, gold and black swirled wallpaper, and green carpet were just some of the features that made this mansion seem more like a fun house.

Who Owns Mike Tyson’s Mansion Now?

As of 2019, the Living Word Sanctuary owns Tyson’s former mansion and purchased the mansion for $750,000 dollars. The church plans on converting the abandoned mansion into a religious retreat for it’s fellowship.

The massive pool would be filled in with concrete, and turned into a chapel, and much of the carpet, tiger cages, and uhm, stripper poles would be removed to make this place a luxurious place of worship.

Pastor Nick Dejacimo said that nearly all of the renovations had been done by members of the church.

When we first walked into this place more than three and a half years ago, no one looked at all the work that needed to be done as a burden. We went right to work.

The pool area can now sit 300 people in the chapel area, and the backyard where the tiger cages once were will be turned into a patio to host events and weddings.

A lot of times places like these sit and rot, until they’re eventually burned down or demolished. It’s good to see a place with such a wild past go on to serve the community in a positive way.

Where Was Mike Tyson’s Mansion Located?

As of right now, the property is now owned by Living Word Sanctuary. The building is located on the map below.

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