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13 Of The Most Haunted Places In Ohio [With Proof]

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If you’re searching for haunted places in Ohio, we’ve got you covered! Below are 13 different haunted places you can explore across the great state of Ohio along with their status and exact GPS coordinates.

1. Tinkers Creek Cemetery

Valley View


Tinkers Creek Cemetery is located on top of a large hill in the middle of a field. The cemetery is well maintained, yet there is a strong sense of an eerie atmosphere.

This haunted cemetery is the final resting place of the Sauk Indian Chief Joc-O-Sot. He died in Europe from an old bullet wound and wanted to be buried in Minnesota or Wisconsin.

Hundreds of people have experienced hauntings here, including myself, who has captured children’s voices on a digital recorder. A young boy who appears at the lake before sunset has also been reported by visitors.


Below are various ghostly voices captured on a digital recorder that was not heard in person.

2. Madison Seminary



Madison Seminary is a historic building in Madison, Ohio that once served as a school, hospital, and housing for families of Civil War soldiers. Many people believe that the building is the most haunted place in Ohio.

Visitors report a wide variety of activities that range from footsteps in the empty hallways to knocking sounds. They also report feeling as though they are being watched. It’s common for visitors to capture angry female voices on the third floor in the attic, and child spirits in the map room.


One of the many teams investigating captured this crazed laughing during a visit. It’s not uncommon to get full vocal tone and whole sentences while on the property.

3. Lafayette Hotel



The Lafayette Hotel is a great choice for a night of ghost hunting. Its former owner, S. Durward Hoag, is said to haunt the hotel, but isn’t the only ghost that’s been sighted.

The Lafayette is also home to the Lady in Green, a ghost who was allegedly killed by a construction worker in 1930. Although she’s long gone, the ghostly apparition continues to hunt for her husband in the afterlife.

Visitors can take a Lafayette Ghost Tour, which takes them into areas of the hotel that are usually off-limits to the public. These include the boiler room and basement floor. There have been reports of two gentlemen, as well as a little boy.


If you’re looking for proof just spend the night. There’s a large book at the front desk with dozens of people’s names, their room numbers, and what they experienced.

I personally had something grab me just after 3am while I was in bed. The next morning I had a circular bruise my on my calf. We also captured a few voices on our recorders.

A “No” EVP was captured at the end of the audio clip.

4. Licking County Historic Jail


Photo Credit: Jimmy Emerson, DVM – flickr.com


The Licking County Historic Jail is one of the most haunted places in Ohio. This old jail has received national attention as a haunted location. It has even been featured on the Travel Channel show Ghost Adventures.

Visitors have reported hearing strange sounds, seeing apparitions, and feeling cold spots. They have also experienced loud banging and tapping noises. Some have even heard voices screaming and pleading for help. The dungeon is easily the most active area in the jail.

The prison is open for public and private tours.


The most common paranormal experience is banging and knocking which has been captured on video various times.

5. Ohio State Reformatory


Photo Credit: Mike – flickr.com


Ohio State Reformatory, also known as Mansfield Reformatory, was built between 1886 and 1910. It operated until 1990, when a United States Federal Court decision forced it to close. It’s dark past easily makes it one of the most haunted places in Ohio.

The Ohio State Reformatory is also home to the Escape From Blood Prison, a 45-minute spooky walk through the prison.

The tour takes place on Fridays and Saturdays from 7 p.m. to midnight, and on Sundays from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. Guests may purchase tickets online or at the venue.

The tour takes about 45 minutes, and the proceeds from the haunted event help to maintain the Reformatory.


Various teams of investigators have captured unknown angry voices and heard banging on the cell doors at night.

6. Eden Park Gazebo


Photo Credit: gobucks2 – flickr.com


In 1927 Imogene Remus was gunned down in Eden Park by her enraged husband who didn’t want to wait for the divorce to finalize. Her husband was George Remus, known as the “Bootleg King” who amassed his fortune from booze running.


Little in terms of proof has been captured, but if you have evidence please let us know!

7. Athens Lunatic Asylum – The Ridges



The Athens Lunatic Asylum was an operating mental institution that once treated patients who exhibited odd behavior. Though the hospital is no longer in use, its campus remains an important historical and cultural landmark.

Tours are offered by the Athens County Historical Society and Museum. Tours are conducted on selected dates during the fall and winter months. Paranormal investigators have documented haunted lights and disembodied voices in the former asylum buildings.


As one of the most haunted places in Ohio, it’s no surprise that so many people have captured voices and heard strange sounds. Below are a few disembodied voices from the asylum.

8. The Victoria Theatre



The history of the Victoria Theatre is filled with cryptic events, including a suicide that occurred on the stage. During a performance, a young man named Vicky walked off the stage, wedged a knife into the seat in front of him, and then threw himself on the seat.

This incident prompted the theater to be haunted, and the spirit of this young man has been seen by several people. Other ghostly happenings have included staff members hearing mysterious sounds and smells of roses. The ghostly presence of the theatre’s founder is also believed to haunt the venue.


9. Lima Tuberculosis Hospital


Photo Credit: Johnny Joo


The District Tuberculosis Hospital in Lima, Ohio, opened its doors in 1911. It was one of the first hospitals in Ohio to treat tuberculosis and helped start a 50-year battle against tuberculosis. In 1927-28, the hospital expanded and remodeled the building. 

 Visitors have reported seeing the ghostly figures of former patients in the basement. The hospital is not accessible to the public, and security guards often patrol the property. Visitors will be ticketed for trespassing.

You can read more about the location’s history here.


10. The Spread Eagle Tavern



The Spread Eagle Tavern and Inn is an imposing building with a rich history of hauntings. Built in 1837, it’s a fine example of Federal Period architecture.

It was also a key stop for the Underground Railroad and is filled with period decor and furniture. Its five period-decorated rooms are named after US presidents, and the building is rumored to be haunted by several ghosts.

The ghosts of an eight-year-old girl, a former slave, and a former innkeeper are all said to haunt the establishment.


11. Beaver Creek Sate Park

41.78585, -91.30821
Status: Semi-Abandoned


In Columbiana County, Ohio, a 2,722-acre public recreation area sits near the banks of Little Beaver Creek. In the park, you can see remnants of a historic canal. However, it’s not just a beautiful place to hike – it’s also haunted.

According to Chris Woodyard, a ghost investigator and author in Cincinnati, Beavercreek has several hauntings. One such haunt is the “Lusk’s Lock” in the Beaver Creek canal system. A dead worker has been reported to haunt the lock. Witnesses say they have seen him walking along the lock in his work clothes.

Another haunted place in Beaver Creek is the Peters Cartridge Company, which was built in 1916. The company produced ammunition and gunpowder during the Civil War. The ghosts of workers killed in accidents are believed to haunt the building. Some people have even reported hearing footsteps through the windows.

A third haunting is the Mushroom Lady, a ghostly woman who killed her lover with poison mushrooms in a stew. Her lover was never able to remove her wedding gown after the wedding, and when he returned to her home, she was dead.


We couldn’t find any concrete evidence of paranormal activity, but if you have some you’d like to share, we’d love to add it to our list.

12. Anchorage Mansion



The historic Anchorage Mansion is a haunted house located in Marietta, Ohio. This mansion is a former home to a prominent railroad, banking, and real estate magnate.

Douglas Putnam built the mansion for his wife Eliza. He commissioned it to look like a New England-style home, and it cost $60,000 to build. Today, the mansion is owned by the Washington County Historical Society, but many believe the ghost of the former owner of the mansion still haunts the property.

Although the mansion has been in the same location for more than a century, the hauntings are still present today. According to legend, the ghost of Eliza Putnam still walks in the bright tower of the mansion. The historic mansion is located on a hillside in Marietta, Ohio. The mansion is surrounded by smaller buildings.


I have visited this location myself and have captured some shy female spirits upstairs. While the building is creepy, nothing malicious crossed my path the night I visited.

Below the owner asks if the spirits going to turn the lights on again. Immediately after you hear a fermale say “turn them on” followed by the Oculus triggering in response to an EMF burst.

13. Witches Tower



The Witches Tower is one of the most haunted places in Ohio. This lookout tower was built in the 1940’s and has a view of the surrounding area. There have been a number of cases where people have been jumped to their death or struck by lightning while on the tower.

The Tower is located near Dayton and is steeped in local lore. A woman who died in the tower has been rumored to haunt it. The building is sealed and crumbling, but many people have experienced strange apparitions and sightings while visiting.


Go out and explore!

That concludes our list of haunted places in Ohio, but there are plenty of other haunted locations located across the country.

If you’re having trouble finding haunted places be sure to check out our Ultimate Guide to Finding Abandoned Places, or explore other ghost towns across the country.

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