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21+ Abandoned Places In Indiana [MAP]

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Looking to explore some abandoned places in Indiana? We got you covered. Below are over 21 of our favorite abandoned locations throughout the state.

Last Updated on June 27, 2021 by Urbex Underground

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Abandoned Places In Indiana

1. Gary Post Office

41.599859, -87.335476

Abandoned post office in Gary Indiana

As the name suggests this massive building was originally built in 1936 to serve as the local post office. Gary used to be a hustling and bustling city back then.

It was designed by renowned architect Howard Cheney and this post office was a part of several buildings that were constructed during that period under President Roosevelt’s term. It was abandoned in the ’70s following the rapid decline of the steel industry. Gary as a town lost its reputation and prestige due to the economic depression.

Now, this post office is completely abandoned and serves as a kind of time capsule into another era. There is nothing but empty moldy rooms filled with dirt and trash. But still, it is a fascinating place to see considering its former glory. When it comes to abandoned places in Indiana, Gary Post Office should definitely be on your list.

2. Ambassador Apartments

41.60068, -87.3437

abandoned apartments in Indiana

Next on our list is another stop in Gary. The ambassador apartments used to be upscale, luxury apartments for the people working in the steel mills.

They were built in 1928 and housed families of the upper management linked with the steel mills in the area. When the steel industry collapsed these apartments were repurposed for low-income families.

They were officially abandoned in 1985. The place is empty, and the marks of time and weather are quite apparent, but it is still a fascinating place that gives you a glimpse into what luxury architecture looked like back in the day.

3. The Palace Theatre

41.59714, -87.33671

abandoned places in Indiana near Gary

You might not know this but before motion pictures were a thing, there used to be Vaudeville shows. The Palace Theatre was a very popular spot in Gary for Vaudeville shows. It was built in 1925 and did not lose its popularity even after the arrival of motion pictures. The theater was beautifully built with masterful architecture.

It was abandoned after the decline of the steel industry. As the crime rate increased around this area, the theater started to lose business. The final nail in the coffin was when a teenager was killed in the lobby of the theater.

The theatre officially closed its doors in 1972. When it comes to abandoned places in Indiana, the Palace Theatre is definitely one that is most interesting and it has a rich history attached to it as well.

4. City Methodist Church

41.60052, -87.33812

Abandoned church in Gary Indiana

This building is another victim of the economic downfall of Gary after the steel mills collapsed. Even in its current defunct state, this building has a certain beauty and charm to it. So, you can imagine what it looked like in its prime.

The City Methodist Church was constructed in 1925. On its hay day, it had as many as 1700 followers. But slowly it started to lose members and the number dropped down to just 300. The church closed in 1975. When you visit what remains of the church, you can almost feel its former glory even through the holes in the roof and the often waterlogged floor.

5. Union Station

41.60577, -87.33648

Abandoned Union Station in Gary Indiana

When it comes to places that just make you stand there in awe of their beauty this building in Gary has to be at the top of the list. This union station was one of the first buildings constructed in the city and the architecture is Beaux-Arts style.

It was constructed in 1910. As with most of the buildings in Gary, this one also could not survive the economic downfall. Even in this dilapidated state, it is a very cool place to visit. A must-see for anyone interested in abandoned places in Indiana.

6. Horace Mann School

41.60057, -87.36063

abandoned schools in Indiana

This building has a bonus for anyone who decides to visit it. There is an abandoned elementary school right next to it. So, you get a two for one with this one. The Horace Mann School was inaugurated in 1928 and at its peak, it had more than 2500 students.

The elementary school was built because of the overwhelming number of students. The building itself is very grand with multiple pools and gyms. It was closed in 2004 following a sharp decline in the class sizes. A great place to visit considering its history.

7.  Butlerville High School

39.03365, -85.51087

abandoned places in Indiana that are high schools

This school was inaugurated in 1904 and served as the local high school for the small rural town of Butlerville. It is a two-story brick building with a basketball gym.

When Indiana consolidated its schools, this building fell into disrepair and abandonment. It was closed shortly after. The structure that remains now is unstable and entering the building unsupervised is not advised.

8. Zoom Flume

28.41417, -81.56674

abandoned waterpark in Indiana

It is a rare sight to come across an amusement park that has been abandoned. In the forests of Bloomington, Indiana lies Zoom Flume an amusement park that has turned into a canvas for graffiti.

The abandoned water slides are covered in graffiti and there is no water in sight just overgrown vegetation. The Park operated in the 70s and was closed down due to high insurance costs and safety concerns. It is a cool place to visit if you are interested in abandoned places in Indiana.

9. Empire Quarry

39.07009, -86.52849

Natural abandoned places in Indiana

Fun Fact: The stone used to make the empire state building was extracted from this limestone quarry. It provided nearly 19000 tons of limestone for the construction of the Empire State building.

South Indiana is known for its rocks and its skilled stonemasons. It used to be a hub for extracting stone but soon technology advanced and people started favoring metal and glass.

This is the reason the Empire quarry was abandoned. It is still a stunning place with a deep pool of clear blue water. It is certainly one of the more relaxing and scenic abandoned places in Indiana.

10. Knightridge Space Observatory

39.15, -86.4705

Photo Credit: VeganVictuals

This simple two-story observatory is hidden in the wilderness of Indiana. It was constructed in 1937 in a then remote part of Bloomington.

The key was to keep this observatory in a remote area since this was vital to its functioning. Eventually, the city spread, and the delicate viewing angles of the observatory started to become less effective. It was closed down in the 60s.

Now it is just a dilapidated husk of its former self. It is an interesting place to visit if you are a fan of astrology or want to visit a relic from the past.

11. Fun Spot Park

41.6764, -85.02999

Photo Credit: RonnySalerno.com

This was one of the main attractions of Indiana for several years. This amusement park featured amazing attractions such as a large zoo area and the only roller coasters in Indiana that featured an inversion.

It was a favorite among locals for more than 50 years. It was opened in 1956 and closed in 2008. It is a baffling sight to see the empty rides deteriorating under the weather. It makes for a unique experience for people who want to visit abandoned places in Indiana. This one is certainly unique.

12. Gilroy Stadium

41.56066, -87.34708

abandoned stadium in Indiana

This abandoned stadium that serves as a reminder of the importance and prestige of sports was constructed in 1956 and could seat up to 10000 people.

It covers an area of 30 acres. It was named after a prominent member of the society Jack Gilroy. Now this glorious stadium of yesteryear has been largely reclaimed by nature. It is surely an interesting place to visit considering the history attached to it. Famously Michael Jackson also performed a concert in this stadium.

13. Sheraton Hotel

41.60275, -87.33683

old hotels in Indiana

We have featured some very interesting, abandoned places on this list, unfortunately, this is not one of them. It is a simple example of the financial struggles faced by Gary.

This hotel was opened in 1968 and was originally under the Holiday Inn brand. The hotel closed its doors a few years later and was rebranded as a Sheraton but this revival was also short-lived as after 7 years the hotel would close its doors for good.

The hotel was unable to make a profit and was shut down. It is fascinating to see a place so empty that had several visitors staying in it at one time. It is an interesting, abandoned place to visit.

14. St. Mary’s Hospital

41.60064, -87.34886

Abandoned hospital in Indiana

This abandoned building is a reminder of human kindness and compassion. It was a hospital that was created by nuns, and they played a major role in running it. As the economy of Gary started to boom, the hospital was radically expanded. It was founded in 1908. Its fate was pretty much tied to the economy of Gary.

It was closed in 1995 as the economy dwindled. All that remains now is a skeleton of a place that was once utilized to help the sick and needy. If you are interested in abandoned places in Indiana, then St. Mary’s Mercy hospital will make for a great visit

15. Emerson School of Visual Performing Arts

41.59898, -87.32762

Emerson School of Visual Performing Arts – As you might have noticed that there are a lot of abandoned schools in the Indiana area, especially in Gary.

This is another example of it but there is great history and prestige attached to this school. It was constructed in 1909 and played a major role in racial integration at the time.

It was closed in 2008 due to a very low number of students. The school building is in comparatively okay shape, and it makes for a fascinating tour of the place.

16. Salesians Preparatory School

41.39065, -87.42718

Okay folks, all the abandoned places in Indiana that we have talked about until now have been harmless but there are some scary rumors attached with this one. This boys prep school opened its doors in the ’50s and was operated by the Catholic Salesian Order of New York. It was closed in 1979.

This abandoned property was repurposed into a lot of things such as a youth center, paintball range, and health care facility but nothing really worked. The reason is that reports suggest that you can hear screaming boys in the building.

Rumor has it that priests who ran this school used to inhumanely torture the children that studied here. You’ll have to visit this place to separate fiction from the truth but that being said the building itself is in a very run-down state now.

17. Monroe Allison House

39.44754, -85.13653

If you want to visit a bizarre and quirky abandoned place in Indiana then you might be interested in this 6-floor house that the locals have nicknamed “the gingerbread house”. It belonged to a carpenter named Monroe Allison who used surplus material from his work to slowly build this house. It is surprisingly well preserved for its age and even has some furniture and artwork inside.

18. Rose Island

29.43517, -81.14235

Photo Credit: VisitIndiana.com

This is an abandoned century-old amusement park. If you are interested in finding out what amusement parks looked like nearly 100 years ago then pay this place a visit. It was opened in 1923 and proved to be quite a hit among the locals. Everything was going dandy that is until the whole park was flooded in 1937. Nothing could be salvaged, and the park was abandoned. You can still see the swimming pool as it has held up nicely over the years.

19. Sylvan Spring

41.50491, -85.3718

In the early 1900s the Sylvan Springs resort was taken over by Catholic nuns who converted the resort into a spiritual healing center, offering spring water-based treatments. The nuns claimed the herbal remedies and spring water therapy could health everything from aches and pains to tuberculosis.

Those suffering from TB drank the water, bathed in it, and prayed for their aliments to subside. Over the years one of the nuns claimed that they saw the Virgin Mary appear to her at Sylvan Springs. This rumor, as well as claims of the spring’s healing power, sparked many to embark on a pilgrimage to visit Sylvan Springs themselves.

The nuns sold the property in 1976, but that didn’t stop visitors from traveling to the springs to experience the healing power for themselves. Today the property is owned by monks, but has fallen into disrepair over the years.

20. Spaulding Elementary

41.59882, -87.32611

Spaulding Elementary School is just of many schools that fell victim to underfunding and economic hardship in the Gary area. The school served just over 300 students in grades K-5, and employed 19 teachers while its doors were open. Today the massive school is an empty and open shell, attracting explorers, wildlife, and crime.

21. Gary-Alerding Settlement House

41.58805, -87.34474

The Gary Alerding Settlement was first founded in 1923 by the Catholic church. Their mission was to “Americanize” Gary’s largely immigrant workforce that operated U.S Steel in the early 1900s. Much of Gary was built on the backs of immigrant labor, creating tension among ethnic groups.

How successful were the Catholics in their efforts, we’re not too sure. The building would undergo many changes over the years, changing its overall mission to make ends meet and serve the community. The Gary Alerding Settlement House slowly declined until finally shutting down in 1971. Today the building is just one of many boarded-up structures with a long-forgotten past.

Go out and explore!

That concludes our list of abandoned places in Indiana, but that doesn’t mean that’s all there is to find. Take the back roads, follow train tracks, and discover some new places for yourself.

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