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21+ Abandoned Places In New Jersey [MAP]

    abandoned places in new jersey

    Looking for some urban exploration in New Jersey? I got you. Below are 21 of our favorite abandoned locations throughout the state with coordinates.

    Abandoned Places In New Jersey

    1. Brooksbrae Brick Factory

    39.8899, -74.4415

    abandoned factory in new jersey
    Photo Credit: /ThISiSmE55 –

    I was surprised to find this massive graffiti wasteland hidden among the pine barrens in Manchester Township. Once a fully functional brick factory that could produce thousands of bricks every day, this building now is only a shell of its former self.

    The factory’s downfall began with the death of the owner, William J. Kelly. There were many complications in his will which led to most of his assets being frozen, including the factory.

    It was abandoned in 1915 after an accidental fire killed its caretaker. It is a popular spot for art and graffiti lovers. It is undoubtedly an exciting place to visit for anyone looking for abandoned places in New Jersey.

    2. Summit Greenhouse

    40.7092, -74.3847

    abandoned green house in new jersey
    Photo Credit: floresdelsol –

    If you are ever wondering what a post-apocalyptic world would look like, this is the perfect place to visit. Not much is known about this place, but it’s believed that it was constructed in 1920 and was called Carl’s Greenhouse.

    The only proof of this is an old board found among the rubble. If we go by the state of decomposition that the place is in, it is safe to say that it was abandoned in the 70s.

    Any urban explorers looking for a memorable picture should definitely visit this abandoned wonder in Summit, New Jersey.

    3. Ellis Island Immigrant Hospital

    40.6976, -74.0425

    abandoned places in new jersey that are historic

    I felt a great sense of wonder as I stood among the ruins of this place that has such a great history attached to it.

    This was the first public health hospital in the U.S. It was constructed in the early 90s. It featured multiple wards and 4 operation theaters. It served the community till the 30s and was shut down as the immigration laws were tightened.

    Now, it is a shadow of its former self, the entire building is rotting away, and it is unimaginable to think that this was once a fully functional hospital that served millions of people.

    4. Paulinskill Viaduct

    40.9480, -75.0613

    It is fascinating how time can turn the mighty into the weak. This is one of the most interesting abandoned places in New Jersey that I have visited.

    It makes for the perfect place for simple urban adventurers. In its prime, this was the largest reinforced concrete structure in the world.

    It was constructed in 1910. It is 115 feet high and 1100 feet long. It was abandoned in 1979 and since then has become a hot spot for graffiti and street artists.

    5. Hagedorn Psychiatric Hospital

    40.6927, -74.9195

    abandoned hospital in new jersey
    Photo Credit: desertedplaces –

    When it comes to abandoned places in New Jersey this one just might be the largest structure-wise. It was constructed as the first state-operated hospital in New Jersey in 1907.

    It was expanded several times and a new extension was added to keep up with demand in 1977. Now both of these buildings have been abandoned and left to rot.

    After healing the sick for over a century it was finally closed in 2012. It is a great spot for urban adventures looking for abandoned places in New Jersey.

    6. Van Slyke Castle Ruin

    41.0448, -74.2626

    Photo Credit: Jeffs4653 –

    I was astonished to see this 100 plus year-old mansion. It was built in 1900 by Willam Porter and initially named “Foxcroft.” But when the owner died and his wife married Warren Van Slyke the mansion was also renamed.

    It remained in the ownership of the Slykes till 1940 until they passed away. After their death, the castle passed down through many owners until it met its demise at the hands of arsonists in the 1960s. The castle has been largely reclaimed by nature now. Still, it makes for a great visit for anyone interested in local New Jersey history.

    7. Amatol Ghost Town

    39.6013, -74.7436

    the amatol ghost town in new jersey

    It is quite a rare sight to come across a whole town that has been abandoned. I was pleasantly surprised to find this ghost town a bit soothing. It presents an eerie picture at first sight but soon you find yourself relaxed looking at the remains of what was once a busy munitions town during WWI.

    It was set up in the 1920s to produce Amatol, an alternative explosive to TNT. Amatol was abandoned after the end of the war as demand for Amatol plummeted. Now, Amatol is nearly completely overgrown and can be a challenge to even find in the first place.

    8. Sandy Hook Nike Launch Site

    40.4639, -74.0028

    abandoned nike missile site in NJ

     It is almost impossible to believe that during the cold war this site was one of the most heavily guarded and secret places in the whole of the U.S. When I visited this place, I was intrigued by the remnants of the cold war era.

    You can see the rusted bay doors and faint yellow markings along with some old loudspeakers. One can only wonder what went on here during the Cold War. It was touted as the last line of defense for New York against a nuclear attack.

    It was abandoned when new technologies were found to be more potent against a nuclear threat. If you are an urban adventurer who is interested in military history then this is a must-visit site.

    9. Feltville Village

    40.6818, -74.3874

    Abandoned Feltville Village

    This just might be the oldest abandoned place in New Jersey. When I went to this quaint abandoned village, I could easily imagine the people that used to live and work here. The village was set up around a sawmill that was constructed by a man named Peter Wilcox in 1700.

    It was sold to David Felt who named the village Feltville. He sold the village in 1800 and it was deserted. There was an unsuccessful attempt at making the village a resort. It is an abandoned village that can be visited by anyone who has an interest in abandoned places in New Jersey.

    10. Jungle Habitat

    41.1321, -74.3407

    abandoned zoo in nj

    This abandoned safari park caused a lot of controversy and scandals before it finally shut down. It was opened in 1972 with sponsorship from the warner brothers. It was divided into a section for pedestrians and a section for cars.

    Disaster struck when a person decided to roll down their car window and taunt the lions in the park. They attacked the man and he got severely injured.

    There were also several reports of animals escaping into the town of Milford. The Park was shut down in 1976 after the people of Milford complained about the problems. It is a great hiking spot now for urban adventurers.

    11.  New Jersey Terminal

    40.7070, -74.0350

    abandoned new jersey terminal

    This is perhaps the most accessible abandoned place in New Jersey. It is situated on the Hudson River. On my visit there I was stunned by the beautiful sight that it presented. This railway terminal has been abandoned since 1967 and has largely been reclaimed by the elements.

    Part of the terminal has been restored and serves as a ferry point for the Statue of Liberty. However, most of it is still in its original condition. The terminal can be a great trip for any urban adventurers looking for a simple adventure in New Jersey.

    12. Hinchliffe Stadium

    25.3214, -80.5577

    abandoned stadium in nj
    Photo Credit: Daniel Lugo –

    This abandoned stadium was once home to the best baseball players that our country has ever seen, and played a considerable role against racism in sports. Many legendary black baseball players that were not allowed to compete in the major leagues due to their race used to play at this stadium.

    The stadium was constructed in 1932 and was abandoned in the 90s. It is a great relic from the past that stands as a reminder of the struggle of racism in our country. It is now entirely abandoned, and graffiti can be found on the stadium seating arrangements. It is a must-see spot for adventures and history buffs alike.

    13. McMyler Coal Dumper

    40.561608, -74.231306

    Photo Credit: jag9889 –

    This fantastic abandoned structure is nothing short of a wonderland for urban explorers like myself. It was constructed in 1917 making it well over a century old at this point. As the name suggests, it was an industrial coal dumper that operated for more than 60 years.

    As the use of coal declined, the dumper was abandoned. It is an excellent representation of what a steam-punk world would look like. It is a must-visit place when checking out the abandoned places in New Jersey.

    14. Rutherfurd-Stuyvesant Estate

    40.921050, -74.782510


    This abandoned mansion is also dubbed as the “Profanity House.” It has been given this moniker because of the incredibly profane graffiti that can be found almost at every corner of the houses in this estate. It was a very creepy experience for me when I visited this estate.

    This estate belonged to the Stuyvesant family. It was burned down in 2007 as a result of a massive fire and was abandoned. It is a unique place that offers a different experience for urban adventures interested in visiting abandoned places in New Jersey.

    15. Wreck of the SS Atlantus

    38.94432, -74.97208

    Photo Credit: /MyAlarmClock –

    It’s amazing to witness something so weird and quirky as the remains of this experimental ship made out of concrete. Yes, it was made entirely out of concrete. After some testing, it was determined that this ship could not function as intended due to its weight.

    The ship weighed over 3000 tons and it took a massive number of resources to move it and keep it afloat. It was deemed impractical and sunk at Sunset Beach. Not much of the ship remains above water now but still, it’s a place like none other It makes one appreciate the leaps in technology that we have made since.

    16. Nike Missile Site PH-58

    39.77261, -75.29906

     Have you ever visited an abandoned place and wondered if you could buy it? Well, you can buy this one if you want because it is officially for sale. This is another abandoned Nike missile site like the one we told you about earlier. It was abandoned when the cold war was over and the technology was rendered obsolete

    17. Fort Hancock

    40.46361, -74.00209

    Photo Credit: R’lyeh Imaging –

    Going to this abandoned military fort was a special experience as it is house to the oldest surviving lighthouse in the U.S. This military fort was constructed in 1859 and remained on duty for more than 100 years before closing in 1974.

    At one time it had more than 7000 soldiers stationed here. Now, the place is in a state of disrepair. It has been empty for more than 40 years now but still provides a glimpse into the life of a soldier. It is a great spot to visit if you are interested in abandoned spaces and military history.

    18. Hamburg Paper Mill

    41.1428, -74.5755

    This is one of the lesser-known and talked about abandoned places in New Jersey. I was really surprised by how big the building was when I visited. It was constructed in 1874 as a paper mill to produce packing material for fruits. After the area had persistent flooding, the mill was closed down. It is completely empty, the remains of old equipment can be found inside the building. It is a great place to visit for any beginner urban explorer.

    19. Battery 223

    38.93157, -74.95561

    Photo Credit: Steve Maciejewski –

     It is strange to come across a bunker on a beach, right? This abandoned bunker is a defunct remnant of WWII. It was constructed in 1943 and it has 7-foot explosion-proof walls. It served as a line of defense for the coast of New Jersey.

    It was decommissioned in 1962 after being repurposed for a short time by the military. Although you can not go inside the bunker, It still presents a fascinating sight for anyone w6ho is interested in abandoned WWII structures.

    20. Crab Island Fish Factory

    39.51829, -74.33681

    Photo Credit: Snarls Barkley –

    This is another abandoned place that most urban adventurers will find very interesting. It was abandoned in 1972 after serving as a processing plant for menhaden. It closed mainly due to the decline of the fishing industry overall. The hollowed-out structure now stands completely empty on an island all its own. If you want to visit the factory yourself, good luck swimming!

    21. Kinnelon Castle

    40.97295, -74.33539

    abandoned castle in new jersey
    Photo Credit:

    Only ruins are left of this 1920s estate to explore. Kinnelon Castle was once home to the mutli-millionaire stock broker Milson Untermeyer. He had plans to convert his french chateau-style home into a winter resort, but things didn’t pan out. In 1969 a fire desimated the property, leaving only it’s stone shell behind.

    The cause of the fire was never determined. In 2003 the property was purchased by John Konarski, who plans to leave the ruins intact. He hopes to make it a natural part of his property, and incorperate it into a his greenhouse design.

    Go out and explore!

    That concludes our list of abandoned places in New Jersey, but that doesn’t mean that’s all there is to find. Take the back roads, follow train tracks, and discover some new places for yourself.