Urban exploration is by no means a safe hobby, and to do it safely and effectively you’re going to need a good set of safety gear. This gear will vary depending on where you want to explore, and what the hazards are. These are my top picks for urban exploration safety gear.

3M P100 Respirator System

urban exploration respirator p100 rating

If you enjoy breathing you’re going to want a reliable respirator system.

Even if you enter a building and you don’t ‘feel’ that anything is wrong, chances are there are still microscopic bits of asbestos, mold, lead, or dust that is accumulating and damaging your lungs.

The 3M P100 Half-Facemask is both reliable and comfortable. It’s my go to respirator for urban exploration, and I never leave the house without it. The stylish pink P100 filters will keep your lungs protected and happy.

  • P100 filters protect from nearly all airborne hazards you’ll encounter.
  • Mask fits great. Snug but not too tight.
  • Comes with 2 pairs of replacement filters

You can get the M3 P100 Facemask on Amazon along with the replacement cartridges.


BASE CAMP n99 mask urban exploration

A lighter alternative mask I like to carry is the BASE CAMP N99 for urban exploration. The mask not only looks great, but protects against 99% of non oil-based particulates.

What does that mean?

It means this mask is great for protecting again dust, pollen or large debris. It’s great for more outdoor exploration. This will not protect adequately against asbestos.

The mask is lightweight and super easy to carry. Not to mention, it looks bad ass.

  • N99 filtration protection.
  • Fits excellent, very comfortable.
  • Includes 6 replacement filters.
  • Looks bad ass.

You can check Amazon here to see if they’re still in stock.

NBC Rated Israeli Style Gas Mask

Israeli style gas mask urban exploration respirator

Some may say this is overkill, but depending on where your urban exploration travels lead you, you’re may need this one day.

I personally keep mine at home, and only rarely take it out. Still, it’s good to have this mask for ultimate protection just in case.

This mask is rated for nuclear, biological, and chemical protection (NBC.) This mask takes standard NATO 40mm filters which you would change out depending on your environment and what you need to protect against.

This mask fits snug, and while I’ll admit isn’t the most comfortable respirator I’ve ever worn, I know it can do it’s job reliably.

If I ever found myself seriously concerned about gasses or particulates getting in my eyes, face, nose or lungs, I’d want nothing other than this mask.

  • NBC rated protection.
  • NATO 40mm filters.
  • Scratch and fog resistant lenses.
  • Fits wells, easy to put on.
  • Top of the line protection.

If you’d like to add this to your urban exploration gear set you can get the respirator and filters on Amazon.

Waterproof Travel First Aid

urban exploration first aid

I love this kit. Thankfully I haven’t needed to use it very much, but I feel confident having it as a crucial part of my urban exploration gear.

This is great cause I don’t have to think about bringing individual pieces of first aid equipment. It’s all in the kit.

It’s small enough to throw even in the smallest bag, and contains virtually everything you’d need to quickly react to an injury.

It comes with 163 pieces and can contains tools to fix all the common injuries you may encounter. This kit is great to clean and cover cuts and scrapes as well as stop bleeding on larger wounds.

If you’re not carrying a first aid kit, you’re doing yourself a huge disservice.

Sensorcon H2S Hydrogen Sulfide Gas Detector

Sensorcon H2S Hydrogen Sulfide Gas Detector urbex draining

Now depending on where you explore, you may not need this next piece of gear. If you love to explore drains, this tool will definitely come in handy.

If you don’t already know, drains can be extremely dangerous. This tool is handy if you find yourself exploring drains, and can potentially save your life.

The Sensorcon HS2 Detector is a hydrogen sulfide gas detector that alerts both audibly and visually when in the presence of the harmful gas.

This tool is great because it can detect the exact level of HS2 gas, giving you a solid read out if it’s safe to continue.

You can’t always rely on your body to tell if you’re in danger, and often times if you’re feeling the symptoms of polluted air quality, you’re probably already in significant danger.

I’ve looked at and tested a number of HS2 detectors over the years, and this one if my favorite.

  • 1P76 Waterproof.
  • Very portable. Clips right on your hip or shirt.
  • Factory serviceable. Built for long term use.
  • Audible and visual preconfigured alarms
  • Two year warranty.

If drains are your thing, I’d highly recommend the Sensorcon HS2 Detector to keep you safe while underground.

SABRE Red Pepper Gel

SABRE red pepper gel urbex self defense

Sabre Red Pepper Gel is a great tool for personal defense. Not only is it super effective against sketchballs you may encounter, but it’s also generally not seen as a weapon in the eyes of law enforcement if you’re ever stopped while exploring.

In a previous article we covered if you should bring a weapon with you while exploring.

The short answer is no. And Sabre Red Pepper gels is an excellent alternative.

I chose pepper gel rather than pepper spray for a number of reasons.

Often times I go into abandoned places that are cramped, dark and generally hard to navigate. The last thing I want is to accidentally spray myself, or choke off the air quality of an entire room.

Below are some of the reason I choose to carry Sabre Red Pepper Gel.

  • Gel spray provides less cross contamination and more accurate spray.
  • Can shoot up to 5.5 meters.
  • Comes with holster for quick deployment.
  • Trusted by law enforcement and military.
  • Not seen as a weapon by most police officers.

You can grab yours here on Amazon.

RADEX RD1503 Dosimeter

RADEX RD1503 for urban exploration

No urban exploration safety gear set would be complete without a Geiger counter.

Ok, honestly the chances of you needing one are pretty low. I myself have only ever used mine once while exploring an old nuclear processing facility.

We did get some small detections of higher than normal background radiation, so it was nice to know that if I was in any danger, I would have been able to tell.

If you plan on going rouge and exploring the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone on your own, the RADEX RD1503 will come in handy.

Below are a few reasons why I prefer the RADEX RD1503.

  • Comes precalibrated from the factory.
  • Audio and vibration alarm.
  • Gamma, X-Ray, and Beta ray detection.
  • Displays current radiation levels and radiation endured overtime.
  • Easy to use and carry.

You can grab one on Amazon if you think you’ll encounter some radroaches in the near future.