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50 Cities With Funny Names (You Can Visit)

    Sometimes when on the road, I notice a funny street name or town. It got me thinking, how many other cities are named something unique or funny? In this post, we’ll explore 50 different cities with funny names that you can visit for yourself. Let’s dive in!

    1. Bangorville, OH

    40.565158, -82.560881

    Home of some pretty wild parties I hear.

    2. Beer Bottle Crossing, ID

    44.607033, -116.235433

    Beer bottle crossing is a small unincorporated town in middle-of-nowhere Idaho. I highly doubt you’ll find any beer out there.

    3. Boner Street, OH

    40.042193, -82.402976

    Photo Credit: @Ken –

    Imagine living on 69 Boner St? I can. Also don’t even think about stealing the sign, it’s not going anywhere.

    4. Bong County, Liberia

    7.000000, -9.666667

    You might wanna pass on this one.

    5. Brown Willy, Camelford, UK

    50.590356, -4.602749

    Welcome to the breathtaking views of Brown Willy. Fun fact, this almost didn’t make it on my list of cities with funny names when the town nearly voted to change its name. Thankfully, it didn’t.

    6. Bumpass, Virgina

    37.963456, -77.736869

    Despite the cities funny name, not much does on in Bumpass.

    7. Butthole Lane, Shepshed UK

    52.773612, -1.286840

    Photo Credit: Andy Tait

    These bros took a road trip to all the ridiculous and funny cities names they could find. I had to be really careful researching photos for this location…

    8. Cape Disappointment, Washington

    46.289910, -124.060475

    Photo Credit: @Dave Soldano –

    Finally, a location named after myself.

    9. Cockermouth, UK

    54.663212, -3.368029

    You’ll need to go to church to was away all the sins your commit in Cockermouth.

    10. Cumming, GA

    34.203669, -84.143505

    “On the edge of Cumming, GA”

    11. Dick’s Knob, Georgia

    34.985546, -83.521826

    Georgia is really on a roll today.

    12. Dicktown, NJ

    39.754987, -74.981911

    Photo Credit:

    I’d be proud to wear this not gonna lie.

    13. Dildo, Canada

    47.571513, -53.553730

    I wonder how man seaman he has.

    14. Ding Dong, TX

    30.974006, -97.776397

    She’s excited to welcome you.

    15. Egg, Austria

    47.430436, 9.895637

    If you don’t love eggs, stay home.

    15. Faggot Hill, Boylston, MA

    42.367451, -71.715564

    It means a bundle of sticks, or at least that’s what I was told.

    16. Gaylordsville, Connecticut

    41.644767, -73.484243

    A surprisingly popular middle name.

    17. Hitler Road 2, Circleville, OH

    39.579735, -82.918803

    It’s not what you think. Believe it or not, Dr. Gay Hitler (seriously) and his family lived on this remote stretch of farmland. They named the road after their family. Dr. Gay was a well-known dentist in the area.

    18. Intercourse, Pennsylvania

    40.037859, -76.107766

    One of the milder funny city names if you ask me.

    19. Kickapoo, Kansas

    39.398389, -94.970260

    In a town of Kickapoo…

    20. Upper Dicker, UK

    39.398389, -94.970260

    There is both an Upper and Lower Dicker.

    21. Methwold, UK

    52.528503, 0.552827

    I really thought this said Methworld, but we’re gonna keep it here anyway.

    22. Miracle Whip, Florida

    52.528503, 0.552827

    Photo Credit:

    The town was originally named Mayo until a marketing company convinced the town to change its name.

    23. Nipple Peak, Colorado

    40.872876, -107.039353

    The only place I’m trying to go.

    24. Pee Pee Creek, Ohio

    39.156761, -83.091221

    Photo Credit: @UnderThisWood –

    Don’t drink the water.

    25. Poo Poo Point, Washington

    47.499440, -122.008748

    Imagine hicking from Pee Pee Creek to Poo Poo Point. That’s goals.

    26. Ragged Ass Road, Yellowknife CA

    47.499440, -122.008748

    Tell us how you really feel, Canada.

    27. Rectum, Netherlands

    52.328334, 6.571250

    Photo Credit:

    What a crappy place to call home?

    28. Saaranpaskantamasaari, Finland

    52.328334, 6.571250

    Right off the coast of Finland, over 100k people call this island home. I don’t even pretend like I know how to pronounce it.

    29. Scratch My Arse Rock, Cook Islands

    -18.050473, -163.206660

    Photo Credit:

    I honestly wouldn’t mind living here.

    30. Fucking, Austria

    48.067292, 12.861952

    The town was recently renamed to “Fugging.” 🙁

    31. Sugartit, KY

    48.067292, 12.861952

    Who thought this was a good idea?

    32. Sweet Lips, TN

    35.408690, -88.522356

    Sounds delicious.

    33. Taintsville, FL

    28.647486, -81.133918

    This place sounds on brand for Florida.

    34. Three Cocks, Brecon, UK

    52.031284, -3.205500

    Not two, not four. Three.

    35. Tightsqueeze, VA

    36.788303, -79.391410

    Better than a chunky handful.

    36. Tittybong, Australia

    -35.756257, 143.360646

    These are a few of my favorite things!

    37. Toad Suck, AR

    35.076834, -92.545978

    Put. The toad. Down.

    38. Weener, Germany

    53.160576, 7.347238

    Haha, Weener.

    39. Wetwang, Driffield, UK

    53.160576, 7.347238

    places with funny names in the UK

    Slippery when wet. 😉

    40. Whiskey Dick Creek, Washington

    46.992885, -120.114983

    A bit flimsy…

    41. Woolloomooloo NSW, Australia

    -33.869401, 151.222167

    funny locations in Australia

    The Aussies were definitely drunk when they came up with this one.

    42. Uranus, Missouri

    37.829068, -92.104585

    cities with funny names in Missouri

    Make sure you visit the Uranus fudge factory and get some moonshine while you’re there!

    43. Wankers Corner, Stafford, OR

    45.374669, -122.702269

    cities with funny names in Oregon

    You might want to avoid the sidewalks here.

    44. Hooker, OK

    36.861548, -101.212995

    If you’re looking for love, keep it moving.

    45. Middelfart, Denmark

    55.494749, 9.747494

    You guys uh, smell that?

    46. Poopoo, Hawaii

    20.737865, -156.927313

    Ha, they said poo poo.

    47. Lake Chaubunagungamaugg

    20.737865, -156.927313

    If you can’t say it, you can’t swim in it.

    48. Idiotville, OR

    45.619452, -123.417573

    Population: Me

    49. Nothing, AZ

    34.479520, -113.335841

    Nothing to see here folks.

    50. Sandy Balls, UK

    50.930129, -1.759551

    Sorry, but no one likes Sandy Balls.

    51. Tickle Cock Bridge, Castleford UK

    50.930129, -1.759551

    We were gonna cap it at 50, but I could resist a good tickle


    This wraps up our list of 50 cities with funny names. It just goes to show that not every place has to be abandoned or haunted to be interesting. Think we missed a city with a funny name? Let us know in the comments below.