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Adventure Blog

Here you’ll find short stories about places, people, and adventures written in first person. Blog posts here read more like stories and personal experiences rather than historical write ups.

abandoned renaissance faire

Hunted Down In An Abandoned Renaissance Faire

Pirate ships, sword fights, and burly dads inhaling turkey legs. This is what makes renaissance faires truly great.But this abandoned ...
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abandoned hotel lobby black and white

Almost Stuck In An Abandoned Hotel Elevator

Dumb doesn't begin to describe most of the situations I find myself while on adventures. This story is no different ...
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abandoned staircase

147 Dead Birds In The Ghost City Penthouse

Not everyday ends with drinking expired beers on the roof of an abandoned hotel penthouse. But today was one of ...
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six flags new orleans roller coaster

Exploring Abandoned Six Flags New Orleans [PHOTOS]

Six Flags New Orleans is an overgrown apocalyptic swamp land. Wild bore, coyotes, and alligators now roam between the ticket ...
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